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A Genesis charging in Geraldton. (Photo courtesy of Mark Jeisman of JET Charge).

Western Australia’s EV Network

Chargefox is dedicated to working with leading organisations like Synergy and Horizon Power as well as the State Government of WA to ensure charging stations are available to enable seamless travel across this breathtaking region.
John Sullivan
John Sullivan - Chargefox CEO

This ambitious project, undertaken by Synergy, Horizon Power, and the Western Australia State Government will establish a comprehensive network of charging stations across the state. With a total of 98 EV chargers planned across 49 locations, the WA EV Network is set to revolutionize EV travel in the region.

These chargers will join the dozens of charging plugs in WA already available on the Chargefox network.

  • Extending EV Range and Convenience
    The collaboration between Synergy, Horizon Power, and the State Government ensures that charging stations are strategically placed along major highways, offering EV drivers the confidence to embark on long-distance journeys throughout Western Australia. This network of chargers eliminates range anxiety, making EV travel more accessible and convenient. 
  • Supporting Local Economies and Tourism
    The project, backed by these key stakeholders, promotes tourism and contributes to local economies. By providing charging infrastructure, WA becomes an attractive destination for EV enthusiasts. Visitors can explore the state’s natural wonders while supporting local businesses, all while reducing their carbon footprint.

  • Reduced Emissions, Reduced Costs
    Synergy and Horizon Power’s involvement in the project highlights Western Australia’s commitment to reducing emissions and costs for everyone. Encouraging more EVs means less emissions and when managed correctly, EVs can help smooth demand on the power system, reducing costs for everyone.

  • Collaboration for Success
    The successful implementation of the WA EV Network relies on the combined efforts of Synergy, Horizon Power, the State Government, and Chargefox. Collaborating with these key partners ensures a streamlined operation, enhancing the EV driving experience and fostering a sustainable transportation ecosystem.

The WA EV Network, a collaborative endeavor led by Synergy, Horizon Power, and the WA State Government is poised to transform transportation in the region. With 98 EV chargers distributed across 49 locations, the network extends EV range and convenience, supports local economies and tourism, integrates renewable energy, and showcases WA’s commitment to sustainability.

Fellow Australian business success story JET Charge is taking care of the hardware for this project – ensuring that the equipment and installation meets the needs of EV drivers for years to come.

This project serves as an inspiring example for other regions, encouraging the adoption of EVs and the development of charging infrastructure, ultimately reducing carbon emissions and creating a greener future for all.

Geraldton, Northampton, Williams, Manjimup and Albany are already live!

WA EV NetworkWA EV Network

Map is courtesy of Horizon Power