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A person charging their electric vehicle at EV charging station by RACV

"Chargefox has demonstrated a strong commitment to the project’s success, and their team has shown expertise in the field."

Senior Project Manager, Guy McHugh

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“It’s that little bonus that gets the buyer over the line and makes the purchase process a better experience”

Head of Product and Market Planning for BMW, Brendan Michel.

An EV charging station - Driving zero carbon emissions in Australia

“The beauty of our partnership with Chargefox isthat they direct their own customers, such as fleetmanagers and vehicle manufacturers, to thoseassets, which brings more people to our site hosts.That’s a great benefit to us.”

Director of Green Mobility for ENGIE Australia & New Zealand, Greg Schumann.

“Chargefox provides us with access to the largest network of public charging locations”

General Manager, Fleet and Supply Chain, Shamim Yasin

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“We chose Chargefox because of the accessibility. We saw a charger near the local supermarket, and we realised once we downloaded the app that there are many other places.”

Janet, Chargefox Customer

An EV charging station

“Chargefox is highly regarded, a market leader and more advanced than any other competing products,”

Greater Geelong Mayor, Trent Sullivan

You're in good company

Building a better charging experience with our network of electric vehicle charging partners.

A person charging their electric vehicle at EV charging station by RACV

Looking to install charging stations?

Whether you’re looking to install EV charging to keep your own fleet moving or you want to join the thousands of places adding public chargers to attract visitors, we’ve got you covered.

Electrify your fleet

Whether you operate a fleet of 5 or 5000 we make it easy for you to transition to a cleaner, safer, cheaper, more reliable fleet - and we’ll make sure your vehicles stay charged wherever they are.

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Latest news from Chargefox

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Webinar: Exploring Idle Fees with Chargefox & WA EV Network

Chargefox hosted a webinar discussing a trial of Idle Fees featuring Matt and Steph from the Chargefox team and Sandra Giry from Synergy.
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105 new plugs added in October

In October 26 new locations were added to the Chargefox platform including 105 new public charging plugs. More than 117,000 cars were charged with enough electricity to drive around earth 300 times!
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Driver stories | The Guy from Bondi

Chef, photographer and Chargefox user Guy Turland talks about his EV journey and his favourite (and iconic) charging location.
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179 new plugs added in September

New plugs included 102 public plugs across 29 locations. Check out this infographic for insights into the growth and usage of Australia’s largest EV charging platform.
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Foxes in the wild | EV experience in California

Product Designer at Chargefox Julian Harrington - is back for his second appearance in Foxes in the Wild. I recently visited home to see family and rented an electric vehicle…
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Foxes in the wild | Tanya Timmers

Senior Product Manager at Chargefox, Tanya Timmers recently jumped in an EV for the weekend. I borrowed an EV for the weekend to gain more experience driving and charging.Picking it up…