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Australia's only Ultra-Rapid EV charging network expands into Queensland

Chargefox, Australia’s only public ultra-rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging network, has expanded with the opening of its third ultra-rapid charging station in Toombul Shopping Centre, Brisbane, today – the first in Queensland.

The state-of-the-art ultra-rapid charging station can charge two cars simultaneously, delivering up to 350kW and 400km of charge in 15 mins (or 200km of charge in 8 mins) and is backed up by 100% renewable energy.  The station also has one Australian made 50 kW fast charger, which can deliver 60 km per 15 minutes.

For drivers

Find a nearby charging station, and plug in. Manage your charge through the app, and get back on the road. It’s that simple.

Chargefox is Australia's largest open, electric vehicle (EV) network for modern EV's. Use the Chargefox app on your phone to find, use and pay for charging, wherever you are.

Payment is simple: simply link a credit card to the app, you’ll be billed after each charging session. Billing is completely secure, and no credit card details are stored with Chargefox.

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We've processed over 10,000 charging sessions on more than 350 plugs across Australia and New Zealand, dispensing a total of over 70MWh of electricity , and we're growing. You probably don't know if that's any good. But so far, that's enough electricity to power the average household for a decade. We're excited.
For Businesses

Chargefox has been designed to be easy to use for both you as a "site host" and for your customers or employees.

Trying to manage EV charging in an apartment building or transition to EV's for your fleet? We can help there too.

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