Driver FAQs

Where are the chargers?

Chargefox has the largest and fastest growing public charging network in Australia, with locations in metropolitan, regional and rural areas nationwide. Simply download the Chargefox app for iPhone or Android to find your nearest plug.

Can I charge my EV on the Chargefox network?

Yes. All public chargers on the Chargefox network can be accessed by every make and model of electric vehicle.

All locations feature Type 2 plugs which are the most common type, and many feature CHAdeMO plugs. Some sites require you to bring your own cable. 

Please check the charging location via the app prior to visiting to ensure your plug-type is available and whether you must supply your own cable

How do I use the Chargefox network?

Simply download the Chargefox app for iPhone or Android, create an account, plug in, and start your charging session. The app will let you know in realtime how your charge is going so you don’t need to keep checking back.

How fast are the chargers?

The Chargefox network features a range of charging speeds from Ultra-Rapid DC chargers capable of charging up to 350kW which are great when travelling longer distances, all the way down to slower AC options which are great for a top-up at locations where you may be staying longer, like shopping centres, recreation facilities and entertainment districts.

Please refer to the app for for charging speeds and locations.

How long will it take to charge my car?

There are many factors that impact the time it takes to charge an EV including the 

speed of the charger (measured in kW or kilowatts), size of battery, state of charge, mo

del of car, and even the temperature.

The following can be used as a rule-of-thumb for how many kilometres of range can be added per our of charging based on the type fo charger being used:

7kW - Up to 40km

22kW - Up to 120km

50kW - Up to 300km

150kW+ - Up to 900km

How much will it cost to charge my car?

Pricing varies depending on the charging location. Some are free at all times, some charge a per kWh rate. As a general guideline, slower chargers usually cost less or are in some cases free, and faster chargers usually cost more.
Refer to the app for charging prices and locations.

Who owns the chargers?

Chargers on the Chargefox network are owned by businesses, councils, governments and other organisations all over Australia.

What are the benefits of an Electric Fleet?

There are lots of benefits in transitioning to an electric fleet including; much lower ‘fuel’ and maintenance costs, superior vehicle reliability, the convenience of on-site charging, as well as the environmental and health benefits.

Why add my chargers to the Chargefox network?

Chargefox is the network of networks. By adding your chargers to the Chargefox network you are joining hundreds of organisations featuring thousands of chargers, many hosted by local councils and governments. Over 95% of EV drivers use Chargefox to find their next Charge so your chargers will be visible to almost every EV owner.

You’ll also get full payment management and settlement, advanced reporting and analytics and 24/7 support - all whilst maintaining full pricing control.

We will also immediately notify you or a maintenance provider automatically if your chargers go offline for any reason.

Looking for more specific help?

Visit the support portal.