Hello, we’re Chargefox

Chargefox was formed in 2017 to help meet the need for better EV charging infrastructure, innovative technology to support it, and software to make it available to everyone.

Electric vehicle being charged at an EV charging station
A Chargefox employee working at an EV charging station

We’re Australia’s largest and fastest growing EV charging network. We’re committed to making charging simple, affordable and fast for everyone - because simpler charging means more EVs on the road, and that’s a very good thing.

In 2018 Australian Motoring Services (AMS) a wholly owned subsidiary of the NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAA, RAC, and RACT, in conjunction with ARENA and the Victorian Government, provided funding for Chargefox to build Australia’s largest network of ultra-rapid chargers capable of speeds up to 350kW.

In 2023 Chargefox divested from charging hardware to focus exclusively on being the leading software platform for charger and electric vehicle management.

Our expert Australian team now makes it easy for organisations of all sizes to host and manage their own chargers and transition to an electric fleet.

Now Chargefox works with companies,  governments, and local councils who own chargers nationwide to bring thousands of publicly available chargers to the rapidly growing number of EV drivers.

The free Chargefox app is available on the App Store and Google Play, and allows EV drivers to quickly and easily find a charger and pay for a charging session.

Soon Chargefox will go even further, becoming fully integrated into the infotainment and navigation systems of leading vehicle manufacturers, providing a seamless experience for ever more EV drivers.

Supporting Australian
Drivers Since 1903

In 2022 Chargefox was wholly acquired by Australian Motoring Services (AMS).

Assist Australia, another subsidiary of AMS, is the largest provider of wholesale Roadside Assistance and Safety and Security services, and supports over 2.5 million drivers every day.

Together the Mobility Clubs of Australia (NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAA, RAC, and RACT), AMS and Assist Australia have been helping motorists for over 120 years.

For more information about AMS click HERE to visit their website.

A yellow vintage car
A vintage cars getting fixed
Chargefox employees

The Chargefox Team

Chargefox has a growing and diverse team of software engineers, customer service specialists, user experience experts, and relationship managers.

Bringing drivers and chargers together on one platform, built right here in Australia.



Australian drivers across every make and model use the Chargefox network to charge their vehicle.


Public charging locations

Public charging stations are available on the network right across Australia with dozens added every month.



Chargefox is owned and operated by Australia’s largest network of roadside assist and insurance providers.


Charges daily

Every day thousands of drivers across Australia charge their vehicle on the Chargefox network

Join the team

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Building a better charging experience with our partners.

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