Why Transition To An Electric Fleet?

Electric vehicles offer far more benefits than just zero-tailpipe emissions.

Electric vehicles being charged at an EV charging station
Cost savings

Servicing is cheaper and electricity costs >75% less than fuel - or can even be free if you have solar.


On-site ‘fueling’ means saved time.

Greater reliability

EVs are less prone to breakdown.

Carbon reduction and sustainability

No exhaust emissions and simple, transparent emissions accounting.

Improved employee health

No harmful vehicle emissions at depots and carparks.

Trusted by Councils and Governments

Governments right across the country and at all levels use Chargefox.

Our EV Fleet Service

Vehicles and chargers

Manage your vehicles and your chargers on one easy-to-use platform.

24/7 local phone support

Rest easy knowing that if a driver needs help they can call us, anytime.

Access thousands of chargers

Charge at your own private chargers and get access to the nations biggest charging network - all seamlessly accounted for.

Powerful reporting

Get advanced analytics on your vehicles and your chargers including; fault alerts, CO2 reporting, charging behaviour and more.

A map showing all of the Chargefox EV charging stations

Charging for Busses and Trucks? Yep.

EVs aren’t just limited to passenger vehicles. Increasingly councils and governments are looking to electrify heavier vehicles including garbage trucks and busses.

Chargefox fleet management service is suitable for all vehicle types.

An electric yellow bus being charged at an EV charging station
An electric vehicle charger

Looking to install charging stations?

Looking to install EV charging to keep your own fleet moving? Maybe you want to join dozens of other governments and councils installing public chargers for residents and visitors. Whatever you need them for, we’ve got you covered.

Got questions?

Thinking about getting into your first EV or maybe you manage a fleet of hundreds. You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers.

Why should I install EV chargers?

There are lots of reasons to install EV chargers. Installing public EV charging has been shown to benefit local businesses by increasing customer loyalty, growing revenue, and attract new customers. It’s also a great way to demonstrate your sustainability values.

Can I keep my chargers private?

Absolutely. Chargefox can help you manage and monitor private chargers. We provide solutions for governments, local councils and and much more.

Why add my chargers to the Chargefox network?

Chargefox is the network of networks. By adding your chargers to the Chargefox network you are joining hundreds of organisations featuring thousands of chargers, many hosted by local councils and governments. Over 95% of EV drivers use Chargefox to find their next Charge so your chargers will be visible to almost every EV owner.
You’ll also get full payment management and settlement, advanced reporting and analytics and 24/7 support - all whilst maintaining full pricing control.
We will also immediately notify you or a maintenance provider automatically if your chargers go offline for any reason.

Does Chargefox install chargers?

No. Chargefox provides the software and services for organisations to manage and monitor their chargers and the app for drivers to find, use and pay for charging.
If you are interested in installing chargers please contact us and we will refer you to our trusted hardware installers in your area. We work closely with these installers throughout the process to get your chargers added to Australia’s largest EV charging network.

What are the benefits of an Electric Fleet?

There are lots of benefits in transitioning to an electric fleet including; much lower ‘fuel’ and maintenance costs, superior vehicle reliability, the convenience of on-site charging, as well as the environmental and health benefits.


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