2 million charging session on Chargefox!

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Airport West - one of the original Chargefox locations

Chargefox has just hit a significant milestone – 2 million charging sessions! This achievement is a direct result of the rapidly growing community of EV drivers in Australia and the collaborative efforts of charging networks that generously make their chargers available on the Chargefox platform.

But this isn't just about a big number. It's a clear indication that Australia, as a nation, is firmly on the path to widespread EV adoption. When we started in 2017, a mere 1200 Battery Electric Vehicles were sold nationwide. Fast forward to last year, and the number skyrocketed to 90,000. That's a massive leap, reflecting the changing landscape of Australia's automotive preferences.

The growth of public EV charging is keeping pace, expanding exponentially. The Chargefox platform now boasts nearly 2000 publicly available charging plugs spread across 700 locations, with dozens of new chargers making their debut every month.

It was only in February 2023 that we hit 1 million charging sessions after about 6 years in operation. Amazingly we have doubled this to reach 2 million in less than a year. This growth will have a compounding impact on making our transport and communities cleaner and more sustainable now and into the future. - Chargefox CEO John Sullivan

Australia now enjoys access to nearly 100 EV models, catering to various tastes and needs, from affordable hatchbacks to high-performance sports cars and spacious 7-seater luxury family vehicles. The near future promises a broader range of commercial EV options, including delivery vans and various choices in the ever-popular 'Ute' sector, solidifying Australia's love for these electric rides.

Ross De Rango, Head of Energy and Infrastructure at the Electric Vehicle Council, rightly points out, “Chargefox’s milestone of 2 million charging sessions delivered, across almost 200,000 vehicles in the Australian market, showcases the degree to which Australian consumers are adopting EVs and getting around the country in them. Chargefox is one of the bigger charging station operators in Australia, but they’re not the only one – every day, thousands of Australian drivers are using public EV charging sites.”

This celebration is not just for the platform but for the entire electric vehicle landscape in Australia.

When I started in July 2019 Chargefox had only recorded 32,000 charge sessions. I joined to further the mission of accelerating Australia's transition to sustainable transport. What a feeling to be here less than four and a half years later and witness Chargefox's 2 millionth charge session. - Senior developer and longest serving employee Cam Murphy.

A massive shoutout to;

  • the 'mad' early adopters who embraced EVs from the get-go,
  • the forward-thinking companies, councils, and governments that took a gamble and installed the first public EV chargers,
  • and the trailblazing founders who started companies dedicated to installing, selling and servicing EV charging equipment.

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to all the past and present Chargefox team members and investors whose dedication and support have made this incredible milestone possible. Together, we're driving the future of sustainable and electric mobility in Australia!

(Most of) The Chargefox team in 2023
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