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Chargefox network to quadruple in size by 2025

Chargefox to have 5,000 EV charging plugs on network by end of 2025 

Chargefox, Australia’s largest and fastest-growing public electric vehicle (EV) charging network, has just announced that it will add over 4,000 plugs to its network by the end of 2025. Their expansive network will further open local and long-distance travel, giving EV drivers better access to world-leading charging technology. Chargefox has also announced that 2,000 of their plugs will offer fast and/or ultra-rapid charging speeds.

Chargefox’s infrastructure plan supports State government goals to increase the uptake of EV purchases. Over the weekend, the NSW government announced a $490 million plan including a goal for 50% of all new car sales in the State to be electric by 2030. The VIC government also has a goal for half of all light vehicle sales to have zero emissions by 2030.  Incentives, including rebates and stamp duty savings, along with an increasing range of vehicle purchase options and growing charging infrastructure all help to build driver confidence in the purchase of an EV. 

EV uptake has a significant impact on road transport emissions, and use of the Chargefox network already reduces carbon emissions by over 100 tonnes every month. With the planned additional plugs, Chargefox hopes to see thousands of tonnes of CO2 abated each month.

The news has been welcomed by major car manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, Nissan, and Audi  – many of which have a deadline for when they will cease production of petrol cars. Chargefox has partnered with these companies to offer free or discounted charging to drivers of their vehicles, in a bid to make EV ownership more accessible. Today’s announcement means that thousands of EV owners will get even more value from their vehicle purchase. 

The Chargefox network currently has over 300 fast charging plugs at more than 100 locations, including 22 ultra-rapid sites that are powered by 100% renewable energy. The Chargefox ultra-rapid sites are powered by the world’s fastest charging technology and are capable of delivering up to 400km of range in only 15 minutes. 

Marty Andrews, CEO of Chargefox said “In 2018 Chargefox built Australia’s first-ever ultra-rapid station, and since then our network has grown to over 850 plugs. Our goal is to connect the infrastructure needed to help mass EV uptake and reduce road transport emissions. We’ve made significant progress over the past few years, having powered more than 5 million carbon-free kms and abating around 1500 tonnes of carbon emissions. Today’s milestone announcement means we’re giving EV drivers across the country confidence that 5,000 charging options will be available. We’ll also continue our commitment to using 100% renewable energy where possible. It’s a big day for the EV industry, and we’re thrilled to be continuing our journey to create a cleaner future for the next generation of Australians’.

Editor’s Notes

Chargefox is the biggest and fastest growing open charging network in Australia for modern EVs, backed by investment from the Australian Motoring Services (RACV, NRMA, RACQ, RAC, RAA and RACT), Wilson Transformers and the founder of Carsales, Greg Roebuck. The existing ultra-rapid network is supported with grants from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the Victorian Government.

Chargefox’s multiple partnerships with car manufacturers mean that Australians can confidently purchase an EV backed by the Chargefox network.

The freely-available Chargefox app also helps users easily find, use and pay for charging across hundreds of stations in Australia and New Zealand. 

Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) – Chargefox received funding from ARENA as part of ARENA’s Advancing Renewables Program. The views expressed herein are not necessarily the views of the Australian Government, and the Australian Government does not accept responsibility for any information or advice contained herein.

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