Making managing an electric car fleet simple. and straightforward.

Fleets of the future are electric.

More and more businesses are realising the long-term cost savings and environmental benefits of electric vehicles, and we’ve developed a product just for them. 

Our EV Fleet solution allows you to manage and monitor EV usage just like you would for a petrol fleet. Our RFID cards replace petrol cards, and our custom dashboard allows you to stay on top of every car and charger in your network.

The Chargefox platform, along with our RFID cards allows you to manage the costs and billing of each vehicle in your fleet, whether drivers charge onsite, at home or in public. 

Custom solutions, no matter the size of your fleet. 

Why more and more businesses are turning to electric vehicles for fleets: 

  • Reduced cost of ownership compared to petrol vehicles 
  • Fuel costs are ¼ to ⅕ those of petrol vehicles 
  • Maintenance costs are half those associated with petrol vehicles 
  • Reduced wear and tear means you can keep EV’s for longer
  • EVs can be fuelled onsite
  • Adoption of EV’s highlights your commitment to sustainable mobility and reducing emissions

Already, Australia’s leading companies, councils, fleet management providers and car leasing experts are using Chargefox to manage their EV fleets.

Real-time data, 24/7

Whether you’re a business or a fleet management provider, our custom dashboard gives you realtime metrics about the performance of your fleet. 

Find out which vehicles have recently charged, consumption rates and cost whenever you need.

You're in good company

These innovative leaders are already managing their EV fleet through Chargefox.

What you can expect



Access a live summary of all your charging stations, with real-time metrics and downloadable usage reports.



Set your own fixed or flexible pricing and change it whenever you like, or keep them free. No problem.



We’re here both you and your vehicle drivers when it’s needed. Rest easy knowing that if a driver needs help a station, they’ll call us, not you.



With over 65,000 users, and easily downloadable from the App Store and Google Play, the Chargefox app is the easiest way for an EV driver to find your station.



Our Australian-based development team take data security seriously, and have put in place additional measures to ensure privacy of data remains secure at all times.



As well as finding stations through the Chargefox app, all our station locations are integrated with Google Maps and most in-car navigation systems.