Commercial Solutions

Solutions for Fleet Managers, Retail and Real Estate, and EV Manufacturers.

Provide EV charging for your customers or staff.

Manage one or multiple charging stations in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Chargefox has been designed to be easy to use for both you as the “site host” and your customers or employees.

Use the Chargefox dashboard to:

  • View amount of electricity consumed
  • See live status of all charging stations under your control
  • View utilisation numbers
  • View charged time and parked time
  • Calculate costs for electricity consumption
  • Calculate revenue earned
  • Export data on a session by session basis

Having the relevant data is key in ensuring you don’t overspend on infrastructure, or under-invest in much needed facilities.


“We know from studying our consumer behaviour that the average dwell time/length of visit for a repeat customer in our centres is on average 45 minutes. It’s fantastic to see electric vehicle drivers stay and benefit from free charging for an average of 72 minutes”

Timothy Weale
National Manager, Retail Solutions, Mirvac Retail

What type of charging do you need?

Private Businesses

If you’ve got a place to park your car, you’re able to offer EV charging to your customers. Whether you’re a 7/11 or a Shopping Mall, talk to us about installing the right scale EV charging management system for your needs.

Workplace/Fleet Managers

Are you using your car for work, or are you managing a fleet of cars for your company? Talk to us about how you can transition your fleet to electric vehicles

Real Estate/Building Managers

High-density living is benefiting from EV charging right now. Talk to us about new build, or one that already exists and we can show you how quickly you can start to offer the benefits of EV charging to your tenants.

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