Acquisition of Chargefox by Australian Motoring Services

We are pleased to announce that Australian Motoring Services (AMS) has recently acquired Australia’s largest EV charging network, Chargefox. The new ownership will accelerate the expansion of Chargefox’s state-of-art EV charging network giving more Australian EV drivers better access to world-leading charging technology right across the country.  

Chargefox is the biggest and fastest growing open charging network in Australia for modern EVs. It has been operating charging stations across Australia and New Zealand since late 2017 and has managed more than 500,000 charging sessions for drivers via its iPhone and Android mobile apps. 

The acquisition will see Chargefox refocus with renewed support on its ambitious target to have more than 5,000 EV plugs to be made available at stations across the country and 2,000 of those offering fast and/or ultra-rapid charging speeds (allowing you to charge to 80% or more during a coffee break).

Chargefox will continue to operate as Australia’s largest EV charging network after the acquisition, with the broadened support of the AMS. The accelerated rollout of the network has broad-reaching benefits, as it allows for further local and long-distance EV travel, giving more Australian EV drivers better access to world-leading charging technology right across the country.

As a valued partner, the acquisition is a win for Chargefox users and commercial customers, including car rental and fleet companies. Backed by the AMS, Chargefox’s scale and pace of building will now be supercharged and will be able to deliver more charging solutions to the wider network, quicker.

The partnership also provides an opportunity to accelerate Chargefox’s mission to reduce road transport emissions to zero. To date, Chargefox has powered more than 14 million carbon-free kms and abated more than 4,000 tonnes of CO2 (equivalent to more than 2 million kilos of coal burnt).

The investment sets AMS and Chargefox up for continued success to build out the EV charging infrastructure needed to allow mass adoption of EVs and help create a cleaner backbone for a cleaner future. Chargefox’s multiple partnerships with car manufacturers mean that Australians can confidently purchase an EV backed by the Chargefox network.


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