Westpac and Chargefox Partnership

Westpac, and Chargefox have joined forces to make EV ownership even more affordable.

Under this exciting collaboration, Westpac is set to provide its customers who take out an electric car loan with an extraordinary benefit—access to 1,250 kWh of free EV charging through Chargefox’s extensive charging infrastructure.

The Chargefox charging network spans across major cities and regional areas, ensuring convenient access to charging facilities for EV owners. Complimentary charging will enable Westpac’s electric car loan customers to get around without any charging costs for a considerable period.

That works out to about 7000km of free driving. That’s like driving from Sydney to Perth and back, or about 3500 school drop-offs.

“As the number of EV chargers in Australia grows rapidly so does the choice of more affordable EV vehicles available to consumers. These factors combined with innovative financing options like this one created specifically for Electric Vehicles are bringing EV ownership into the reach of more people”, said Rob Asselman – Head of Marketing at Chargefox.

Through this collaborative effort, Westpac and Chargefox are spearheading the drive to accelerate the electrification of transportation and make sustainable mobility accessible to all Australians.

Find out more on the Westpac website.