RAC Member Benefit Terms and Conditions

Chargefox Terms and Conditions

The Offer: 20% off when charging your electric vehicles at any RAC Electric Highway® location (DC ultra-rapid charge, DC fast charge and AC slow charge) and Chargefox ultra-rapid site in Australia.

The Offer is only available at participating Chargefox locations. For participating locations please download the Chargefox app. 

For terms and conditions of use of the Chargefox Network visit: https://www.chargefox.com/terms-and-conditions/ 

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Offer may not apply where an OEM discount or entitlement applies.  
  2. The Offer only applies to the Retail Charging Price.  Other fees and charges may apply.  
  3. The Offer can only be activated by Members who have completed the following steps prior to charging their vehicle: 
    1. Downloaded or updated the Chargefox app (on a compatible smartphone)
    2. Logged into the Chargefox app and added their credit card information and RAC Membership number in their profile.

4.  Discounts cannot be applied after a charge session has begun or has been completed.

5.  Help and support is provided by Chargefox when using the Chargefox app or any of the Chargefox ultra-rapid sites. This can be found in the Help & Support section in the Chargefox app.

6. The Offer may be withdrawn at any time and without notice. 

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