Live Q&A with Chargefox on Ludicrous Feed

Chargefox Head of Marketing Rob was a special guest on Ludicrous Feed Live recently discussing all things EV charging and the future of Australia’s largest EV charging network.

Ludicrous Feed is put together by Tesla Tom, a well-known personality in Australia’s EV sector and features regular co-hosts Riz and Rahul.

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  1. Christine west

    I have a Porsche Taycan with three years free charging and I live in twin waters Queensland as I have never come across your fast charger anywhere

    1. Rob Asselman

      We provide the software and services to help drivers locate, charge and pay and to help charger owners manage their chargers. We don’t own the chargers and don’t choose where they are to be installed. This is up to the owners (aka hosts) which are usually businesses or councils. If you are wanting chargers to be installed at particular locations I recommended reaching out to the site owner.

  2. Michael Wroblewski

    Best thing that ever happened maybe we should all learn how to improve our lives and stop ruining our planet we need more charging station!!!!!

  3. Michael Wroblewski

    Fantastic company that provides a fantastic service!!!!

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