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Waiting to charge your car can be frustrating

Idle fees to commence 18 July on select WA sites

A key frustration for the growing number of EV drivers is arriving at a charger only to find it is occupied. This inconvenience is made worse when the car occupying the charger is fully charged yet remains plugged in, preventing other drivers from topping up and getting on their way.

To ensure public chargers can support the most drivers, commencing on the 18th of July 2023, idle fees will apply at the following locations on the Chargefox network in Western Australia:

  • Geraldton – Stations 6206 and 6209
    Idle fees notification on cable
  • Northampton – Station 6207
  • Manjimup – Station 8347
  • Albany – Stations 6228 and 6229
  • Williams – Station 6234
  • Lancelin – Station 6233
Idle fees will apply at additional sites on the WA EV Network in the future.

As part of the WA EV Network project, which will see 98 fast chargers rolled out across 49 locations throughout Australia’s largest state, idle fees are an additional measure to enhance the availability of this critical infrastructure which is depended on by a fast-growing number of Western Australians.


What is an idle fee?

An additional fee incurred by a driver when EV charging is complete and remains connected to a charging station.

Why introduce an idle fee?

Arriving at a charging station to discover fully charged cars occupying bays is frustrating and can prevent people from reaching their destination.

Idle fees are being introduced on our WA EV Network DC fast chargers to:

Maximise the availability of chargers and ensure as many people as possible can charge and get on their way.

Discourage drivers from occupying chargers after charging has finished.

Reduce barriers for more people to transition to an electric vehicle.

How much is the idle fee?

The idle fee will be $1/min 

How will people be notified of the idle fee?

The Chargefox app will notify drivers when their charge is nearly complete and again once fully charged.

For every additional minute a car remains connected to the fast charger after it is fully charged and after the 10 min grace period, an idle fee of $1 per minute will be incurred.

Grace period = 10 minutes

No idle fee will be incurred if the vehicle is moved within 10 minutes of charging completely.

To avoid incurring an idle fee, simply move your vehicle within 10 minutes of charging being completed.

When will the idle fee apply on the WA EV Network?

The idle fee will apply from the 18th of July 2023.

At which charging stations will the fees apply?

At all WA EV Network DC chargers. Chargers where an idle fee is applicable will be clearly indicated through the Chargefox app and with prominent physical signage at each site.

Is an idle fee applied while the car is still charging?

No, an idle fee is only applied once a charge session is complete, and the grace period has expired. At this point, the car is no longer fast charging, and the spot should be made available for the next driver.

Will an idle fee be applied even if no other driver is waiting to charge?

Yes, once a vehicle is fully charged and the grace period has expired, a fee will be applied. This will occur regardless of whether there are other drivers waiting to charge. 

How do I know when I have incurred an idle fee?

The Chargefox mobile app will provide a notification when charging is near completion and again when fully charged. Additional notifications will alert you when idle fees are incurred.

Can I dispute this?

If you wish to dispute the fee, you can contact Chargefox at

Will idle fees apply at other Chargefox sites around Australia?

Chargefox is investigating how idle fees may become an option for charger owners in the future. At this stage there are no specific sites outside of WA where idle fees will apply.