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Foxes in the wild | Kieran Andrews – Lead Software Engineer

A Hawaiian Adventure with Electric Cars

Meet Kieran, a Lead Software Engineer at Chargefox, who recently took a break from the world of coding to explore the beautiful islands of Hawaii. His journey was not just about soaking up the sun and catching waves; it was also an exploration of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in a place far from home.

A Tale of Two Islands, Two Cars

My Hawaiian adventure began on Oahu, where he hired a VW ID.4 electric car. The sleek and modern design of the ID.4 was a perfect match for the island’s scenic drives. However, when I travelled to the Big Island, I switched to a Tesla Model Y, a car known for its performance and luxury.

Charging Challenges

While the cars were a joy to drive, my experience with charging was less than ideal. I was frustrated by the lack of charging options, slow charging speeds, and expensive pricing. The Type 1 charging ports were particularly intriguing, as in Australia, Type 2 is the norm.

I was surprised by the differences in charging infrastructure compared to Australia. Back home, it’s not too bad, but in Hawaii, I found myself planning my trips around the charging stations.

Surfing, Coffee Farms, and Manta Ray Snorkeling

Of course, my trip wasn’t all about cars and charging. I spent time at the beach, surfing the famous Hawaiian waves, and exploring the local culture. A visit to a coffee farm on Kona was a highlight, offering a taste of the island’s renowned coffee.

The manta ray snorkelling experience was another unforgettable adventure. Swimming with the manta rays was surreal. It’s something I’ll never forget.

My Hawaiian adventure was a mix of relaxation, exploration, and a touch of frustration with the local EV charging infrastructure. It was a valuable insight into how different regions approach EV charging and a reminder that there’s still work to be done to make EV travel seamless.

Back at Chargefox, my experience will undoubtedly influence my work, bringing a fresh perspective to our mission of making EV charging accessible and efficient.

Whether it’s surfing the waves or navigating the world of electric vehicles, Kieran’s adventurous spirit embodies the Chargefox ethos. We’re proud to have him as part of our team and can’t wait to see where his next adventure takes him.