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Chargefox CEO - John Sullivan

Fast 5 with a Fox – CEO John Sullivan

In the first instalment of a (semi) regular section, we sit down for a rapid-fire Q&A with Chargefox CEO and bubble-blowing enthusiast John Sullivan.

You have been CEO for a few months now. Tell us about your time so far.

It’s been a massive amount of fun and a tremendous learning experience. For instance, I learnt I no longer like the sound of souped-up turbo hot hatchbacks! There are so many challenges in leading a growing business in a rapidly evolving sector. Many of the things we are doing haven’t been done before, making it a product innovator’s dream. There are no tried and tested patterns and no ‘playbook’. Getting to know the team has been the highlight. The team here is a delight to work alongside, super talented, passionate and driven.

What excites you most about heading up Chargefox?

A couple of things: The objectives and values we have at Chargefox match my personal ones. I want to do good in this world. I want to be able to walk on life’s beach and only leave footprints in the sand. I don’t want to leave trash. Another thing that excites me is the opportunity to be at the forefront of a transformative industry. Electric vehicles are revolutionising transport and contributing significantly to a sustainable future. Being able to play a pivotal role in building and expanding Australia’s largest charging network is something to be genuinely proud of.

What are the biggest challenges for EV charging in Australia?

Several significant hurdles need to be addressed for the widespread adoption of EV charging in Australia. One of the biggest challenges is the need for a comprehensive and well-integrated charging infrastructure nationwide. This includes the availability of charging stations and their accessibility, reliability, and interoperability. Addressing range anxiety, educating the public about the benefits of electric vehicles, and ensuring a seamless charging experience are important challenges we are actively working to overcome.

What do you do when you’re not running Australia’s largest charging network?

I may not appear to be this, but I have always looked to evolve and change, but keep true to my values. Recently I’ve come to understand that I can’t flip between work, family, and personal Sulli. I’m not after work-life balance in my life. I’m looking to have life work integration and dip into being a blend between the different Sulli’s all and every day. Although saying that, when I’m with my family and friends and I’m doing sport, I try to be present in those moments and not distracted. Outside of work, I love swimming and riding a bike, I love watching my daughters at sports, and I love blowing bubbles (West Ham fans will know what that means).

If you could go on an EV road-trip with anyone, anywhere who and where would it be?

It would be in a Volkswagen ID. Buzz with my family and it would be driving along a long remote stretch of coastline, stopping every day, surfing, eating food cooked on a BBQ and sleeping in the back of the van or tent. In this dream, it is summertime, the surf is excellent for a Mini-Mal, and the Esky is full of good food and cold beer!

John with one of his bikes
John with one of his bikes