ENGIE Rapid Charging Network

ENGIE, continues to expand its footprint in the realm of sustainable transportation with the successful launch of two new electric vehicle (EV) charging locations at The Glen Shopping Centre and Caribbean Park. These additions are part of a larger initiative aimed at establishing 103 fast-charging stations across four key Australian regions, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

PICTURED: John Sullivan from Chargefox and Anna Quillinan from ENGIE at The Glen Launch.

The Glen Shopping Centre, located in the south-east of Melbourne, now features state-of-the-art EV charging stations. This prime location not only serves shoppers but also encourages the local community to embrace electric mobility. Caribbean Park, situated in the vibrant business district of Scoresby, further enhances the charging network by providing EV owners with convenient access to reliable and fast charging facilities.

The installations completed by JET Charge at The Glen Shopping Centre and Caribbean Park are also significant additions to The Chargefox network.

Chargefox’s collaboration with ENGIE leverages their collective expertise in EV charging solutions, ensuring that EV charging infrastructure is not only widespread but also reliable and efficient. With these efforts, the companies are facilitating the transition to a more sustainable transportation ecosystem while addressing the needs of EV users in key areas.

As the project progresses, the network of fast-charging stations will continue to expand, enabling more Australians to embrace electric vehicles with confidence, convenience, and peace of mind. The future of sustainable transportation is charging ahead with Chargefox and ENGIE leading the way.

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  1. Keefy

    Adelaide Franklin street chargers have been broken for months. When you call support they act like you have given them new information. Why cant you fix these before rolling out more chargers that will be broken soon anyway?

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