Chargefox partners with Mercedes-Benz to offer EQC drivers five years of free charging

In case you missed it, Mercedes-Benz have just announced the specs of their brand new EV, the EQC, with over 430kms of range.

As Australia’s biggest public EV charging network, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Mercedes-Benz to offer EQC owners five years of free charging* across our ultra-rapid network.

Using the ultra-rapid charges, EQC drivers will be able to add around 220km of range in 30 minutes, at the EQC’s maximum DC charging rate of 110kW.

“In partnering with Chargefox, Mercedes-Benz is making a contribution to the growth of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Australia,” Mr von Sanden, CEO Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific, said.

“Chargefox is installing the latest technology in order to future-proof its network, and we expect to see the continuation of significant expansion of the ultra-rapid network, providing the seamless experience that Mercedes-Benz owners expect on route to a growing number of destinations.”

As Australia’s biggest and fastest-growing open charging network for modern EVs, we have five ultra-rapid chargers open already, with a further six currently under construction. 

Our network of 22 ultra-rapid chargers will be operational soon,  connecting Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Marty Andrews – Co-Founder & CEO, Chargefox, said “to drive faster EV adoption in Australia, we need a combination of cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, as well as leading car manufacturers bringing fantastic models to the Australian market. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Mercedes-Benz to help solve these problems and make owning an EV a seamless experience for EQC drivers.”

Using a Chargefox Ultra-rapid charger is easy for EQC owners. After registering their vehicle details in the Chargefox app, EQC owners will have visibility of all of the free charging available to them when using the Chargefox ultra-rapid chargers.

Five years free charging on the ultra-rapid charging network only. Use of other Chargefox-managed EV charging stations will incur a cost.

*Conditions apply, please click here for more details

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