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Chargefox partners with Jaguar in an Australian first for EV drivers

Chargefox, Australia’s biggest public electric vehicle (EV) charging network, has formed an official agreement with Jaguar Australia to provide five years’ free, unlimited charging on the Chargefox ultra-rapid charging network Australia-wide*

The relationship makes Jaguar the first local manufacturer to formally support EV drivers through an agreement with the ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging network that is currently being rolled-out nationally by Chargefox.

The new partnership helps ensure that Jaguar owners will have easy access to a rapidly developing major EV charging network.

Welcoming the agreement, Chargefox Chief Executive, Marty Andrews, said Jaguar Australia’s solid show of support means it will now be easier than ever for customers to buy and charge EVs.

“Jaguar drivers will be able to drive long distances, confident in the knowledge they will have access to free, unlimited charging on some of the world’s fastest chargers,” Mr. Andrews said of his company’s growing network.

Chargefox, Australia’s biggest and fastest growing open charging network for modern EVs, already has three fully operational ultra-rapid charging stations – two in Victoria and one in Queensland. By end July 2019, there are expected to be eight (8) ultra-chargers in operation, with 90% of the network planned to be operational by end September 2019.

By the end of the year a national network of 22 ultra-rapid chargers will be operational, forming a network connecting Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Describing the Chargefox agreement as a move that is nothing but positive, Jaguar Land Rover Australia Managing Director, Mark Cameron, said the initiative lays a solid foundation for the long-term future of electric vehicles in this country.

“Charging infrastructure is critical to increasing electric vehicle uptake in Australia and this agreement means Jaguar customers can buy an EV safe in the knowledge it will meet all their expectations,” Mr. Cameron said.

“Not only does this initiative make interstate travel and longer journeys a reality, it also benefits regional areas by extending the ownership and driving experience for our customers living outside capital cities,” he added.

“With 22 station locations open by the end of the year, range anxiety ceases to be an issue. Drivers will be able to travel without concern for the level of charge in their batteries.”

Using a Chargefox Ultra-rapid charger is easy for I-PACE owners. After registering their vehicle details in the Chargefox app, I-PACE owners will have visibility of all of the free charging available to them when using the Chargefox ultra-rapid chargers.

* Five years free charging on the ultra-rapid charging network only. Use of other Chargefox-managed EV charging stations will incur a cost.

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