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Chargefox CEO - John Sullivan

Chargefox CEO John Sullivan’s take on the State of Electric Vehicles report

The Electric Vehicle Council recently released its State of Electric Vehicles report summarising the trends, challenges and developments of the EV market in the last 12 months. Below Chargefox CEO John Sullivan summarises his reflections on the report.

Chargefox is fortunate to be Australia’s largest public and private electric vehicle charging network and can provide deep insight into market trends. Our understanding of the state of the electric vehicle market largely echoes that found in the report from the EV Council.

In the last 12 months we have:

  • seen exponential growth in the number of drivers using Chargefox – up 322% year-on-year.
  • grown the number of public chargers available on the Chargefox platform by over 150%  year-on-year.
  • experienced 150% growth in the number of charges completed on the network.

Relatively speaking I’m new to EV Charging, having been appointed as Chargefox CEO earlier this year. One thing I have already come to understand clearly, which is reflected in the report, is that servicing the needs of the EV-driving public will require partnerships and cooperation.

To date, most companies have worked to meet their own business objectives. However, one company cannot meet such broad and rapidly growing public and commercial needs.

The success of providing reliable, universally available EV charging infrastructure is reliant on all areas of the industry cooperating, sharing information and ultimately working together.

For Australia to meet its emissions reduction standards, we must consider a broader range of vehicles than just cars. Seeing that the EV Council’s report now includes buses, heavy vehicles and last mile transport such as scooters should be celebrated.

Chargefox helps power more than just privately owned cars on our public charging network. We power EVs in apartments, as well as provide charging solutions for commercial and government fleets, and even heavy vehicles. As the market, availability and utility of electric vehicles grows we see this expanding to even broader audiences and vehicle types.

Please read the report in full, as it gives you an independent insight into the current landscape of EV vehicles and what is needed to ensure Australia meets its emissions reduction goals whilst supporting the mobility needs of all Australians.

Personally I can’t wait to see this report next year as we see exponential growth in vehicle types and price points as well as charging options and availability.

 – John Sullivan, Chargefox CEO

The report is available in full HERE