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Let's get more chargers in more places

Most of the others on the network are owned by ‘site hosts’ – councils and businesses like shopping centres, restaurants and service centres. They work with us to make sure their stations are easy to find and use via the Chargefox app.

If there’s somewhere you’d like to see a new charging station, let us know via this simple form.

While we can’t guarantee to make it happen, we’ll do our best to see if we can. It will also help us spot trends and areas of high demand, to hopefully get more chargers on the network, sooner.

If your location suggestion is within your local council, consider using our letter template to write to your local MP instead.

Planned Locations

Did you know you can use the Chargefox app to see where our next stations will open? Just look out for the grey ‘under construction’ icons which indicate where our next stations will be opening. 

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