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We're a young company with big goals.

In 2018 we set out on a mission to create a cleaner future for all Australians by reducing road transport emissions. Today, we’re the largest EV charging network in the country, and every month use of our network reduces carbon emissions by 50 tonnes. The Chargefox App has been downloaded by over 10,000 EV drivers, and we’ve developed partnerships with most major EV manufacturers to offer discounted or free charging to EV owners. We’re breaking down barriers to EV adoption, and have plenty more products and features to roll out in the future.

So, if you’re looking for a chance to join a growing and dynamic start-up then take a look at our current opportunities below. 

Site Developer - Costs


Chargefox is building a team to support the next phase of their charger infrastructure buildout across Australia. The Charge Team manages all aspects of developing Chargefox owned charge sites, working with landlords, utilities and hardware providers to build high-quality EV charging infrastructure.

Working with the Head of Charging will be a team of three Site Development Managers, in Property Relationships, Cost Management and Quality Assurance. The below describes the Costs role, but the three have a lot in common:

  • Personally manage the development of EV charging sites for Chargefox, including site scouting, design development, approvals and construction

  • Create process documents that will help scale the rollout over time. Each of the Managers will start with hands-on development experience, but with the expectation that we will grow the team over time

  • Contribute to the development of broader EV charging network strategy

Cost Management

We will be developing dozens of charging sites in parallel, managed through a central site development database. This role will be responsible for implementing the systems and processes that make sure we correctly allocate the costs to each site, working towards a goal of being able to determine quickly whether or not a site is profitable.

The major costs associated with a charging station are incurred in design and construction, electricity and property leasing. Electric Vehicle charging, particularly in Australia, is a young industry with few established rules. This role will include a lot of novel problem solving, as we try to adapt the techniques used in other industries to build a robust EV charging development system. With this in mind, we are looking for people with experience in:

  • Capital costs associated with distributed energy projects
  • Creating and managing electricity accounts
  • Tools and systems that could assist with this process

Questions for Applicants

If this sounds good to you, please write up to one page in response to each of the following questions. For each question describe your solution, and what lessons you have learned that led you to this solution. Try to make your answers specific and remember the STAR structure;

  • Situation – describe the situation you were in that was similar

  • Task – what exactly were you doing in this situation?

  •  Action – given the situation and your task, what did you do in this situation?

  • Result – after your contribution, what happened? Did it go as expected? Was it a good result?

    Question 1

    If we are managing a lot of sites in parallel there is a risk that information will get misallocated or lost entirely. In the construction phase there is often a need to work on a few versions of the construction cost before we commit to construction. Can you describe a method of managing this information, and describe a situation that informs this view?

    Question 2

    Every site needs an electricity account and often the creation of the account and connection point is a significant time-intensive part of the process. What sorts of tools and systems could we use to manage this process, and describe a situation in which you have learned about electricity account connection processes.

    Question 3

    As processes scale and we have a lot of sites in development and operation, the data coming in will also scale up. As an example, each site will get a monthly electricity bill. If we have 100 sites that’s 1,200 electricity bills a year. What sort of systems could we use to ensure this data is accurate, complete and available in a timely manner? As an example, describe a similar situation where you have had to handle similar data accurately and quickly.

Working at Chargefox

This role will be full-time and can be done remotely or from our office in Melbourne. Salary will be similar to project development roles in property or electricity sectors and can be negotiated based on experience.


Please send your application to as a PDF and include “PD – Costs” in the subject line. Due by 2 August 2021.

Any questions, call Evan Beaver on 0425 364 471


Customer Liaison

Who we’re looking for

We’re looking for someone with skills and expertise in customer experience and be able to hit the ground running in managing our Zendesk hub and support our customers by answering queries promptly.   A proven and well developed diagnostic thought process for problem solving and root cause analysis in collaboration with the Operations Manager will be required in order to evolve our knowledge base and better equip our call centre to solve customer issues in real time.  Ensuring the call centre has timely business updates published via Zendesk news articles forms an essential part of the role.  You will also be required to manage office administrative work across the business. We want to see empathy for the driver and their experience along the way too.

At Chargefox, we are big believers in a pragmatic and agile approach to our work. You will be participating in team rituals including stand-ups, retrospectives, and on-call support. We are based in Melbourne, so you will be working in our office in the city. Having said that, due to Covid-19 our team has been working remotely since March and we expect to continue to operate in this way for the foreseeable future. Final home/office work balance yet to be decided, however we acknowledge it will be flexible

So, why us?

  • A chance to join a growing and dynamic start-up enabling the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia. This is a unique opportunity to be an integral part of something that is of true value to society.
  • We are fully funded and offer a competitive salary package.
  • A collaborative and supportive environment that will stretch you, but give you a chance to learn from and teach others.
  • We’ll supply you with a new company laptop (if you need one).

Got another question?

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