The Chargefox Team.

Working to connect Australia’s EV Drivers with a renewable future.

We’re here for good.

Our goal is to make EV charging as easy as possible – whether you’re at home, work or out and about – because simpler charging means more EVs on the road, and that’s a very good thing.

That’s why we’re building Australia’s largest network of EV charging stations, that will soon connect Adelaide to Cairns, along with stations in WA and TAS. Our commitment to a cleaner future means that all our stations are powered by 100% renewable energy, never coal.

“Our vision is that one day 100% of road transport will be powered by renewable energy and from day one our ultra-rapid chargers will be accessible to all Australian EV drivers.”

Marty Andrews, CEO and Co-Founder

Where it all started.

Marty began helping create digital businesses in Melbourne in the 2000’s, and in 2007 co-founded Cogent, a digital consultancy business. Since its inception, Cogent has worked on projects with purpose and in 2017, Cogent CEO Mark Wells and Marty felt there was an opportunity to combine Cogent’s skills with a project that would ultimately make the world a cleaner place for the next generation.

After exploring a lot of options, Mark and Marty became interested in the wide-ranging impact of electric vehicles. At that time, road transport accounted for about 15% of greenhouse gas emissions, highlighting the potential of EVs to make a big dent in Australia’s carbon emissions. They had found the space they wanted to play in and began talking to their network about opportunities.

A conversation with Tim Washington (Founder and CEO of JET Charge, Australia’s largest supplier and installer of EV charging stations), proved pivotal. Prior to founding JET Charge, Tim was a lawyer who recognised the need for increased EV charging infrastructure. JET Charge were on the hunt for a local software solution to give drivers a better experience when they used the chargers JET Charge were installing.

Mark and Marty committed to work with Tim to build a prototype which would validate their business idea. A few months later a prototype was built and successfully sold to customers, and so began the journey of Chargefox.

In 2018, Chargefox received over $17 million of funding to build Australia’s largest network of ultra-rapid network of chargers, capable of charging a modern EV in only 15min. This funding is a combination of investment by the Australian Motoring Services (NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAC, RAA and RACT), Wilson Transformers, Cogent Ventures, JET Charge and the founder of Carsales, Greg Roebuck. We are supported with grants from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the Victorian Government. 

Since then, Chargefox has become Australia’s largest and fastest growing EV charging network, having already processed 400MWh of energy over 50,000 charging sessions across more than 1,000 plugs (as of September 2019). That’s enough to power the average Australian household for five decades.

We are also proud to have multiple partnerships with car manufacturers, including Jaguar Land Rover, BMW and Nissan. As purchasers of mass vehicles, we know that Corporate Fleets have the potential to make the biggest impact on emissions, and so we’ve partnered with some of Australia’s early adopters.

We’re also future proofing our EV infrastructure, by installing state-of-the-art technology and  partnering directly with energy providers like AGL and  Powershop. You’ll find Chargefox stations in major shopping centres like Westfield, supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths and in residential buildings.

Meet the Team

Marty Andrews

CEO and Co-Founder

After successfully starting and growing Cogent, a 50-person software product company in Melbourne, Marty started Chargefox with the aim to make EV charging easier for all Australians. His extensive experience as a developer combined with his business background makes him uniquely positioned to bring innovative charging technology to the market.

Tim Washington

Director and Head of Partnerships

Tim is currently the Chairperson of the EV Council and is also the founder of EV charging deployment specialists JET Charge. Before joining the EV world, Tim was an M&A Lawyer specialising in Energy, and headed up an international manufacturing firm.

Rob Mitchell

Chief Technology Officer

Rob has over 25 years’ experience in software development and leading development teams. He’s worked across multiple industries including manufacturing, insurance, real estate, travel, and medical, with focus on end user experience. As CTO at Chargefox, he’s responsible for the growing dev team and the Chargefox Technical Strategy.

Remco Marcelis

Chief Financial Officer

Remco lives and breathes startups, and has worked alongside founders as a CFO/virtual CFO for over 10 years, following four years in venture capital and 10 years in multinational consulting/services companies. He also teaches entrepreneurial finance programs across Australia.

Courtney Goes

Chief Marketing Officer

Courtney’s developed and executed marketing strategies for businesses big and small, and led teams across the UK, US and Australian markets. Now specialising in digital and tech driven businesses, she’s a marketing advisor to a number of funded startups, and is leading Chargefox’s marketing and brand strategy.

Evan Beaver

Head of Charging

Evan was the Program Manager for the Tesla supercharger network when it rolled out in Australia. He personally oversaw the initial national network, and managed all EV infrastructure across the country. Evan now manages the roll out of our ultra-rapid charging network.

Interested in joining the team?

The Chargefox Board

Mark Wells

Mark is an angel investor and the CEO of Cogent, a Melbourne born business focused on using strategy, design and development to turn great ideas into remarkable businesses. Having previously held a range of CEO, CCO, CTO and Non-Executive Director roles, Mark’s a sought after advisor on topics spanning from fundraising to strategic planning and market entry. An active investor in numerous early stage and not so early stage startups, Mark has a passionate belief in the positive impact that renewable energy tech and transport as a service (TaaS) will make over the coming decade. He’s also an avid cyclist and rarely stops talking about bikes and his ever expanding collection (nine at last count).

Greg Roebuck

Greg is the proud founder of and their former CEO. Greg is a software developer by trade, who guided Carsales from a small startup in 1997 to its position as a top 100 ASX listed business with a market capitalisation of around $4bn with investments in Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Korea and SE Asia.  Greg has been in the Auto industry for over 35 years and prior to founding Carsales, was Joint Managing Director of Pentana Solutions – a supplier of software and services to car dealerships, and where Greg is now Chairman.Greg was named the EY Australian Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 and has spoken on a number of panels at the World Entrepreneur of the Year event in Monte Carlo.

Michael Reed

Michael Reed is the CEO of the Australian Motoring Services Pty Ltd (AMS). AMS is wholly owned by the Automobile Clubs of Australia (NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAA, RAC, and RACT). The company was established in 2002 as a medium for the delivery of key operational services and initiatives on behalf of the Clubs, best managed on a national commercial basis.Prominently focused on business-to-business automotive and travel & tourism services, AMS is a key player in the wholesale roadside assistance market and a provider of consolidated travel solutions, increasing its presence in the online space. Show Your Card & Save and More 4 Members programs are coordinated with national partners on behalf of the Clubs and their 9 million Members.

Shane Nelson

Shane Nelson is the Group General Manager Corporate Services of the ​Australian Motoring Services Pty Ltd (AMS). AMS is wholly owned by the Automobile Clubs of Australia (NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAA, RAC, and RACT) and shareholder in Chargefox.

 Shane has over 20 years’ experience as a CPA & CFO within various industries including Automotive, Not for Profit, Recruitment and IT Services

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