Westpac Car Loan Package

Enjoy a discounted interest rate plus free charging across the entire Chargefox network.

Hello Westpac Car Loan Customers

We’re Australia’s largest EV charging network and we’re thrilled to be partnered with Westpac to offer you 1,250 kWh of free charging across our entire network. This bonus is on top of the other benefits with a Westpac Car Loan.

Your charging membership will be valid for up to 12 months from the activation date.

To access this offer you must first apply for a Westpac Car Loan, be approved for a verified eligible electric car and have accepted your Car Loan e-contract.

Westpac will then send you an email, within 30 days of e-contract acceptance, with a unique code for you to activate your membership and unlock your 1,250 kWh of free charging.

How to activate

Simply download the free Chargefox app from the Apple App or Google Play store. Sign up to create your account, then in the ‘My profile’ section, click ‘Add program’ to add your unique code and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Once your membership has been activated you will be able to start receiving your free 1,250 kWh of free charging across the Chargefox network.

Your charging questions answered

Where can I charge my car?

Stay mobile while you’re out and about with access to Chargefox’s EV charging network. Our network features chargers that are amongst the world’s fastest and stations can be easily found via the Chargefox app. 

How do I use the Chargefox network?

Simply download the Chargefox app for iPhone or Android, plug in, and start your charging session. The app will let you know in realtime how your charge is going so you don’t need to keep checking back.

How much will it cost to charge my car?

Pricing will vary depending on the model of your car and on the station. Some are free at all times, some charge a per kWh rate. You can see the individual cost of a station when you view each individual location’s details from the map.

How long will it take to charge my car?

Residential chargers are able to fully charge EVs in around six to eight hours. This means you can easily charge your car overnight.

Public fast chargers are able to get you back on the road much faster. Leave your car at a charger while you go shopping or to work and in three hours, it’ll be fully charged. Ultra-rapid chargers can add 300km of range in ten minutes.

The average Australian drives 38km per day so an EV owner can go for at least 10 days without a recharge. Unlike petrol cars, you can recharge at home or anywhere with access to electricity.

What is security like while my car’s charging?

Firstly, the charger locks while charging, so nobody can disconnect it from your car. Secondly, our sites are always well lit, and are next to cafés and facilities with long opening times (24/7 where possible). We aim to make all our locations safe for families to stop and charge their car, even at night. All sites will also soon have CCTV cameras installed for added security.

*Conditions apply, please click here for more info

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