Ultra-rapid network
Australia's largest open, ultra rapid network of charging stations for electric vehicles
Making inter-city EV travel possible

Chargefox is committed to sustainable mobility. Our network of ultra-rapid charging stations will play a significant part in improving the infrastructure of this country and remove one of the major barriers that limits the adoption of EVs. The charging stations will enable all modern EV drivers to confidently drive between Australia’s major cities.

In the initial rollout, Chargefox plans to secure 21 locations for the network and the first stations located in Euroa and Barnawartha North, Victoria.

Charging comparison

The ultra-rapid charging stations will be open to all EVs and charging time will be quicker, with up to 400km of range delivered in 15 minutes.

The chargers will be capable of power output of at least 150kW and up to 350kW, which will be the fastest of any charger currently available in Australia.

Charging comparison
Ultra-rapid network FAQs

Where will the charging stations be located?

On major highways connecting Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, as well as three locations in Western Australia (Perth and north and south). This will then be expanded to access popular travel destinations such as Gippsland Victoria, and south of Sydney along the coast and down into the snow fields.

How do I use the network?

Download the Chargefox app below and follow the instructions

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How much will it cost to charge my car?

Pricing is yet to be announced.

How long will it take to charge my car?

The ultra-rapid chargers are capable of adding 400km of range to a vehicle in 15 minutes. Actual charge rates will vary depend on the charging capability of your car and the current charge state of your battery.

What is security like at the locations where I can charge my car?

Our sites are always well lit, and are next to cafés and facilities with long opening times (24/7 where possible). We aim to make all our locations safe for families to stop and charge their vehicle, even at night.

What plug types will be supported?

All modern electric vehicles with CCS2 or CHAdeMO plugs can charge at our sites. Tesla drivers can use a CHAdeMO adapter to charge their vehicles.

What renewable energy will the sites use?

All our sites are backed by 100% green power. In many cases we also add solar and batteries on site to facilitate charging via solar energy.

Charging up to 400km in 15 minutes? Is that possible!?

Yes! New electric vehicles coming to market now are supporting higher and higher charging speeds. There are cars scheduled to arrive in Australia in 2019 that are capable of charging this quickly.

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