Use the Chargefox app on your phone to find, use and pay for charging

How to charge

Charging your electric vehicle with Chargefox is an easy three-step process.

We've broken down those three steps below with more detailed instructions to get you charging like a fox today!

Step 1 - Download the Chargefox mobile app & sign up

1. Download and install the Chargefox mobile application from either the App Store if you have an iPhone, or Google Play if you have an Android phone.

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2. Open the app on your phone.
When asked please allow Chargefox to access the phone’s location. This is not required for the app to work, however it will make it easier when finding charging locations near you.

3. Follow the instructions to sign up to Chargefox.
Please note: you can navigate around the app without signing up, however the first time you click on ‘Charge Now’ at any location you will be asked to sign up to Chargefox.

Step 2 - Use the app to find your station

1. Find your station on the map, using the location icon on the map makes it super easy (however you need to turn on location services on your phone for this to work).

2. Select the station location on the map.
You will be shown the location’s address, the maximum charging capability at that location, as well as the plug types and availability.

Step 3 - Follow the instructions & start charging

1. Tap on CHARGE NOW to see the list of plugs available at the location.

2. Find the charger in the list and tap on UNLOCK for the port you wish to use.

3. Plug in your car to start charging.

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