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Charging with an RFID card

The Chargefox app is the easiest way to find, charge and pay at any of our stations. We also offer RFID cards which can be used to pay for charging sessions, when linked to an account within our app. 

What is an RFID card?

A Radio Frequency Identification Card, or RFID card gives drivers an alternate way to pay for charging sessions. RFID cards are uniquely linked to a driver account and give secure access to our network via a physical card.

How do RFID cards work?

All Chargefox charge stations have RFID card readers that will recognise a valid card and driver account, allowing drivers to manage charging sessions by touching the card on and off.

Find out more about to charging  with an RFID card here

Do you need an RFID card?

Our app is the best way to find, charge and pay for sessions, however an RFID card is handy if you have poor mobile reception at your local charger or if you drive a fleet EV. 

Please be aware that using an RFID card instead of the app means that: 

  • You will not be able to geo-locate Chargefox Stations or the plug types available
  • You will not be able to see if there is pricing associated with charging at certain charge stations until after the session and an invoice is generated
  • You will not have access to the in-App help functions and feedback mechanisms

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How to charge with an RFID card

Follow the instructions below to charge on the Chargefox Network with a Chargefox RFID card.

Prefer to use the Chargefox app? Follow these instructions on how to charge

Start charging

Step 1. Swipe your Chargefox RFID card on the station you wish to use

Step 2. If using your own cable, connect it to the station first

Step 3. Plug the cable into your car and start charging

Stop charging

Step 1. Swipe the same RFID card on the station to stop charging

Step 2. Unplug the cable

Step 3. Unplug your cable and shut the port cover securely

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