Australia’s largest EV charging network.

Fast. Simple. Reliable.

Simple, fast electric car charging for everyone.

Founded in 2018, we set out with a mission to support EV drivers and create a cleaner future for all Australians.

Our electric vehicle charging network is the largest in Australia, and allows a wide range of charging options around the country.

Download the Chargefox App on Android or iOS to find one of over 1400 publicly available charging points near you.

Together, let’s create a cleaner future.

We manage more than 10,000 EV charge sessions a month
Someone plugs into the Chargefox network every minute
We've powered over 6 million green kms

Here's where you'll find us:


Ultra-fast charging available


Proudly Australian
owned and operated.


Supporting the transition to renewables

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With hundreds of stations on our network, you can rest assured you’re never far from a Chargefox station.

Simply download the app to find, use and pay for charging near you. Too easy.

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Commercial Solutions

Taking care of business(es).

Whether you’re a retailer, council, residential developer, fleet operator or any other site owner, installing EV charging stations can attract and retain people to your site.

Our friendly team make it as simple and straightforward as possible, and are there to guide you through every step, from selecting sites and chargers, to setting pricing and monitoring usage.



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