How to charge

Follow the instructions below to charge with Chargefox.

Click here to find out how to charge with an RFID card.

Step 1. Download the Chargefox app

1. Download and install the Chargefox app

2. Allow Chargefox to access the phone’s location this will make it easier to finding charging stations near you.

3. Follow the instructions to sign up to Chargefox,
you’ll be able to explore the app without signing up, but will need to sign up to charge.

4. Don’t forget to keep your app updated.

Step 2. Find your station

1. Find your station on the map. Using the location icon makes it easy to find stations near you, just make sure your phone’s Location Services are turned on.

2. Select the station on the map. You’ll see the station’s address, maximum charging capability and plug types.

3. Click DETAILS to see the list of plugs available.

Step 3. Follow the instructions & start charging

1. Check that the port you wish to use is available.

2. Plug in your car to start charging.

Does your station look like this?

You’re at a Schneider!

Step 4. Use the app to stop charging

1. Press the STOP CHARGING button on the app.

2. Ensure your car is unlocked, and unplug the cable.

3. You’re all done!

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