Apartments & Private Buildings

Straightforward charging solutions for developers, building managers and body corporates.

Custom solutions to help you stay ahead of residential demand.

More and more drivers are making the switch to EV’s, and as car manufacturers transition to fully electrify their models, demand from residents for EV charging solutions is set to increase. 

Whether you’re part of a body corporate for an existing building, a commercial residential manager or a property developer looking at charging solutions for a new build, we’ve got a product that will help you stay on top of resident and tenant demand.

Our custom solutions will help you set up charging infrastructure, provide charging options to your tenants and managing billing across residential buildings.

Meaning you can offer easy, simple EV charging now and in the future.

Installing and managing electric car chargers in your building doesn’t need to be complicated.

You're in good company

Manage multiple chargers and multiple users. ​




Our custom dashboard gives you realtime metrics about the performance of your charges and their users. Find out which vehicles have recently charged, consumption rates and cost whenever you need to. 

We can provide management of your chargers, allowing users to charge via the Chargefox app or an RFID card. The Chargefox platform manages payments and distributes revenue directly to you.

Body Corporate Solutions

Effectively manage and bill for energy.

If you manage a residential building and are looking at installing EV charging solutions, then our Apartment Products are for you. 

Tenant owned chargers: We can help install chargers on behalf of tenants, ensuring energy management fees are paid directly to you.

Common chargers: We’ll work with you to install and manage EV charging stations for use by multiple tenants in shared areas of the building. Our platform allows you to set pricing, collect revenue, and gives you the option of making your chargers publicly discoverable via the Chargefox app.

Property Developer Solutions

Future proof your investment.

As uptake of electric vehicles increases, property developers want to make sure their buildings feature the latest technology and continue to boast EC market leading charging facilities well into the future.

We’ll work with you to assess charging infrastructure, ensuring you’re providing the right amount of charging whilst balancing the building’s energy constraints.