129 new plugs added to largest EV charging network in July

Last month Chargefox added an enormous 129 new charging plugs to our network at 28 locations across Australia.

These new locations comprise 17 public and 11 private locations across 7 states and territories.

The 82 public plugs include 25 DC charging plugs ranging in speed from 25kW to 150kW.

These additions took place in just a single month and further solidify Chargefox’s commitment to propelling the global shift towards sustainable transportation and our position as the largest and fastest-growing EV charging network in Australia.

A highlight of this expansion is the incorporation of 25 fast DC (Direct Current) plugs, which will significantly enhance the charging experience for EV owners. These fast DC plugs are poised to provide faster and more efficient charging, reducing charging times and promoting convenience for all EV drivers.

The 82 newly installed public charging plugs are located in high-traffic areas, making it easier for EV owners to charge their vehicles while on the go. With the growing adoption of electric vehicles, the availability of these public charging stations is essential in alleviating range anxiety and promoting the wider acceptance of electric mobility.

The new public chargers are owned by a mix of; councils, big retailers including Coles and IKEA, community energy groups, as well as tourist destinations and small businesses

By adding their new EV chargers to the Chargefox network these organisations are catering to the needs of the growing EV community, attracting more visitors and customers, and also reducing carbon emissions and promoting a cleaner future.

Head of Operations at Chargefox, Jon Merry, expressed excitement about the network expansion, stating, “Our mission has always been to accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation. By adding 129 new charging plugs to our network, including fast DC options, we are taking a significant step towards making EVs more accessible and convenient for everyone.”

With each charging plug added to the network, Chargefox and site hosts are not just providing a connection for EVs but also contributing to a more sustainable and cleaner environment. As the world inches closer to a future powered by electric mobility, this marks a significant milestone in shaping that future.

Full list of new public charging locations

LocationPostcodeStateConnector TypePowerPlugs
50 Learmonth Street, Queenscliff VIC3225VICCCS2501
151 The Promenade, Ellenbrook WA6069WACCS21241
Armstrong Creek East Community Hub3217VICType2 (Mennekes)221
Leisurelink Aquatic & Recreation Centre3216VICCCS2502
Riverbend Park Car Park Invermay7248TASType2 (Mennekes)71
No 2 Sportsground Park2302NSWCCS2602
City of Stonnington3144VICCHAdeMO501
Coles Deception Bay4508QLDType2 (Mennekes)221
RG Casey Building2600ACTType2 (Mennekes)224
Electric Highway Tasmania – Derby7264TASCHAdeMO241
Hepburn Springs Bathhouse3461VICCCS2501
IKEA Canberra2609ACTType2 (Mennekes)224
ENGIE – Rocland Estate Station5355SACCS21203
Meriton Suites Bondi Junction2022NSWType2 (Mennekes)71
La Trobe – Bendigo3552VICType2 (Mennekes)221
3552VICType2 (Mennekes)221
3552VICType2 (Mennekes)221
3552VICType2 (Mennekes)222
La Trobe University3690VICType2 (Mennekes)221
3690VICType2 (Mennekes)221
3690VICType2 (Mennekes)221
3690VICType2 (Mennekes)221
Motors Devonport7310TASCCS2241
HQ EV Charging Hub2444NSWType2 (Mennekes)72
2444NSWType2 (Mennekes)222
RAA Charge Auto Park Franklin Street5000SAType2 (Mennekes)71
RAA Charge Auto Park Mill Street5000SAType2 (Mennekes)71
RAA Charge Auto Park Young Street5000SAType2 (Mennekes)71
5000SAType2 (Mennekes)71
RAA Charge Comfort Inn Glenelg5045SAType2 (Mennekes)71
RAA Charge Comfort Inn Regal Park5006SAType2 (Mennekes)71
RAA Charge Comfort Inn & Suites Manhattan5085SAType2 (Mennekes)71
RAA Charge Comfort Inn Whyalla5600SAType2 (Mennekes)71
RAA Charge Links Lady Bay5204SAType2 (Mennekes)72
RAA Charge Novotel Barossa Valley Resort5352SAType2 (Mennekes)71
RAA Charge Sundowner Motel Hotel5608SAType2 (Mennekes)71
5608SAType2 (Mennekes)71
Donnybrook RAC6239WAType2 (Mennekes)71
Harvey RAC6220WAType2 (Mennekes)71
197-215 Condamine Street, Balgowlah NSW AUS2093NSWType2 (Mennekes)71
2093NSWType2 (Mennekes)71
Stocklands Baldivis6171WAType2 (Mennekes)221
Stone & Wood2481NSWType2 (Mennekes)221
Coles Norwood5067SAType2 (Mennekes)221
5067SAType2 (Mennekes)222
WA EV Network – Walpole6398WACCS21502
Bluefin Fishing Club4077QLDType2 (Mennekes)221
Twin Towns Club Banora2486NSWType2 (Mennekes)222
La Perouse – Endeavour Ave2036NSWType2 (Mennekes)221
2036NSWType2 (Mennekes)221
Matraville – Baird Ave Carpark2036NSWType2 (Mennekes)221
The Heffron Centre2035NSWCHAdeMO251
Woolworths Bannockburn4207QLDType2 (Mennekes)221
4207QLDType2 (Mennekes)221
4207QLDType2 (Mennekes)221
Electric Highway – Dingo4702QLDType2 (Mennekes)221